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My hat is off to your hard work in developing such a wonderful informative web site. I have been riding Nor Cal for 12 years now and at last now there is a better source of great rides of this motorcycle mecca. Your California Motorcycle Roads have included rides that I thought that no one would ever write about and other rides that make California the premier riding spot of the world. From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU.

Vacaville, California
2000 Honda VFR

*How did you do this?! What a masterpiece of information and research. It seems that it would take a lifetime to document and prepare all of this material for a comprehensive and interesting presentation. I am glad you put your heart and soul into this site as I have a place to go to relax and visit anytime I choose. I am truly amazed!**
Jim Perkins*

You, sir, have captured the essence of why we do what we do!
Paul Trisler
BMW R1100RT, R1150GS, etc.

Of all the sites that I have come across on this computer over the years, this is the one that I live for. I cant wait to get home at night to start reading more of your travels, and to look forward to the day that I get to follow some of the paths that you have traveled,
Keep up the great writings. Thank you,
Douglas R. Wotherspoon Jr.

Have browsed your website and must say I am very impressed. You have touched on the one common link within all people that ride motorcycles. "The Road & The Ride". I want to commend you on a fantastic well done and complete job of what we as Motorcyclists crave the most. THANK YOU and keep up the great work.
Bryan Barrett
Rodeo, California

I'm jealous beyond description. I've thought so many times about documenting my motorcycle travels in the fashion of Pashnit.Com, but I could never summon the time and energy to do so. Besides, my travels pale by comparison. Hat's off to this wonderful website for documenting with zeal and motivation the wanderlust that flows through the spirit of those who insist on seeing this magnificent country with the rush of wind in their ears, the grip of throttle in hand, and the smell of the open road beckoning ahead....well done!
Andy Blaurock
Medford, Oregon
Yamaha VStar 1100 Custom

I ran into your website from another referral, and have to admit, it's one of those sites I'd never even thought would exist, never thought of it myself, but now that I know it's there, it makes complete sense, and fills a huge need. Congratulations on a job well done.
Dave Mills
Folsom, CA*
Ferrari Owner

....Easily one of the best motorcycle site I've ever seen.
Chris Haerter
Long Island, NY
2000 Honda VFR800 and 87 1400 Intruder

What an awesome website! It's one of the best I've seen of any kind! It's well built, well written, and comprehensive.
Paul Griffith
Moorpark, California
Harley Sportster, Kawasaki Concours

By far the best "See America" bike site on the web. Outstanding!
James Anderson
San Jose, CA
Kawasaki ZR-7S

I'm moving to San Bernardino in a matter of days and can't wait for the rides ahead. Your site has been great for planning and my anticipation is unreal. My wife just shakes her head when she finds me on PASHNIT.COM anymore. I've lost track of the hours. I've never lived closer than 300 miles from anything much worth riding so having this veritable playground in the back yard is too much!
Grant Carruthers
Dallas, Texas
97 YZF1000R

This is the best motorcycle road site I have ever seen!
Thank you very much for wearing out all of those tires in search the Holy Grail of Motorcycle Roads!
Howard Hicks
2000 Yamaha R1 & 1995 Honda CBR 600F3

You are my hero! Thanks so much for the wonderful pictures and totally accurate commentary on the roads. My friend Matthew used some of your maps/descriptions to do a Sierra ride last week. Said that he had a blast and was so thankful for your site. All riders are in your debt for the totally invaluable information.
Stefanie Davis
SF Bay Area, Palo Alto, CA
Suzuki SV650

Your writing is excellent! The photos make it really great!
You should certainly consider publishing a book based on all of this -- if so, please keep the website too.
Thomas VandenBroeck
San Francisco, CA
Honda Rebel '85

Fantastic motorcycle web site. One of the very best I've seen. Thanks so much for your valuable & humorous essays and excellent photos & maps.
Taipei, Taiwan
95 BMW R1100RS

Guy, go pound sand would 'ya. You created the best damn biker site I've ever had the pleasure of finding. Pashnit about riding, writing, ( yes, I'll go buy the books ) and photography and the site. Too bad you're married, I'd like 'ya to meet my sister. Nice job on the web site. I just found it tonight and really like it! There so much to see, it'll take that long anyway.*
Plymouth, MA

I just moved from the Bay Area to the Sacramento area. I've been an avid motorcyclist for the past (many) years. I thought my riding days are over after moving out here. However, I discovered your site, went out and bought me a FZ-1 and slowly, but surely, I'm discovering all these great riding areas you have mentioned on your site! I just wanted to say THANK YOU (can't say it enough) and keep up the great work you've done. With all the time and effort you've spent on creating this site, you gotta love riding!!!
Richard Guro
Yamaha FZ-1

You have succeeded where others only dream. I received your web location yesterday and have browsed for about an hour. Your descriptions are very accurate and timely. Congratulations on providing what many riders are trying to find.
Joe Dean
Elk Grove, California

I always wait up for my 16 year old son on Friday and Saturday nights. Because I get up at 3:30 AM to start the long commute into the Chicago Loop every morning, Friday night pretty much sucks. Not tonight though. While looking for street racing videos to be used for a screen saver at work, I found your site and have spent the last two hours being amazed by your photography and narrative descriptions. Better yet, the kid's been home for the past hour and we've both been enthralled, together!
Bud Harton
Chicago, IL
'99 Valkyrie Interstate

I haven't had much time to read all of your stories but the first thing I can think of is WOW! Your riding experience is incredible! The places you have been someone can only dream of seeing them all.
Christopher Whelchel
Kansas City, KS

I accidentally accessed your site and it's the best accident in my motorcycle career. It's the best site I've seen, and I compliment you on the effort and work that went into this site. The pictures are awesome and the narratives are great. keep it up!!
Jack Pearlstein
Sacramento, CA
Kawasaki Vulcan 800A

I recently took a tour through the central Sierras, and used this site as the reference. All the notes and comments were dead on. Great web site, photos, and comments.
Dennis Beaver
Atherton, CA
1999 Honda Valkyrie

What a great site. I've been reading more of it. You're not only a great photographer but a great writer too. Your descriptions of your enjoyment and sensations on the road, even though from the motorcycle perspective, translate completely for me. I love your comments about Stewarts Point. Also, I have driven Geysers Road which you also accurately describe. Again, my compliments - your photography and your prose are beautifully poetic

Wow, great job on your ride reports. I was late to work this morning due to the fascination of your abundant information about the Valley. Having lived here in Napa Valley my entire life and knowing the local roads all to well, I felt I had a obligation to say, "Well Done"!
Dave Hayes
Napa Valley, CA
Honda Valkyrie Interstate.

I wanted to tell you that your web site is really great! It's great to see someone has gone out and done all the work to find the great roads, so that I can use your experience to just go and enjoy them. The pictures look very inspiring, and your writeups are grand! I could not have asked for a better page when I typed in "Feather River Canyon" into the Yahoo! search engine!
H e a t h e r
San Jose, CA
Honda CBR929

Awesome site, the best I have ever seen!
Steve Feather
Honda Goldwing 1800, XR600

Wow! Finally, someone who writes motorcycle like I feel motorcycle! I have enjoyed every one of your stories and every one of your pics. Incredible!
Patrick Bowen

This site is fantastic! Without a doubt The Best Resource for Driving Roads in California. This site will keep me busy for a long time. Thanks for all the hard work putting this info together!
Nick Alcivar
Palo Alto, California

Just wanted to say thanks for the excellent website. I can't even imagine how much time and effort it took to compile all of
that information, picture, and maps, about all of those roads, but I for one sure appreciate it. My wife and I will probably use
your site as a reference for future rides for the next 5 years.
Larry Barnett

Well well, someone steered me to your site today for the first time. To say your web site is impressive would be quite an understatement. Extremely nice biking site! You are the epitome of "live to ride." I have done many biking trips in my 13 years of street riding. They pale in comparison to yours though! Your 150 best roads will become my new roadmap to riding. I've done many of the roads you mentioned already since I moved here last year, but you mention plenty of places I've never heard of before. I aim to rectify that! Your journals are terrific, puts me right there behind the windscreen with you. I've read many racing reports that made me feel the same way, but few people get as in-depth as you when street riding.Rick Williams
Travis AFB, CA
'01 Bandit 1200S
87 VFR400R

I used this sight for riding information before going to World Super Bike races at Laguna Seca in early July and all the information given was right on the money. Awesome resource for anyone looking for accurate information!
Chris Haerter
Sag Harbor, New York USA
2000 Honda VFR800 Interceptor

I've been planning a cross-country trip for July and happened on your web site while researching backroads I might like to take. Your site is by far the best I've come across! Thanks for all the great info. I can't wait to see them for myself.
David Ottow
New Orleans, LA
Honda VFR800

This is the best site for anyone wanting to take a great ride and having a good knowledge of what to expect and an even better way of planning that great ride . Keep up the GREAT work and thank you for this site.
Marc H. Schwartz
Laguna Niguel , CA
Honda Goldwing

This is a great site. I'm not sure where to start to discover some of the posted roads. I have ridden some but there are others that I really need to experience. Thank you for all the information. I will real busy for a long time thanks to you!
Ben Zeppa
Pittsburg, California
Honda Goldwing 1500SE, V-Max, VFR, XR650L.

I must congratulate you on a job well done! Your web page is peerless in describing great California roads and, it seems that your descriptions and photos capture the true essence of why some of us ride. Excellent!
Wilson Cruz
San Francisco, CA
Ducati M750; Ducati 996

Thanks for your enthusiasm and the time you spend sharing it. My rekindled urge to wander further than 200 miles from home is directly related to your pages, photos, and stories. My wife is withholding comment until she decides if she likes having me gone a lot rather than having me home a lot since retirement! The MotoPhoto pages are beautiful!
Wayne Morris
Warnerville, New York
Harley Shovelhead, BMW R1100GS

I discovered your website about 4 or so months ago and I keep coming back. It's an awesome resource! Any motorcyclist I meet I refer them to your page (several dozen by now). I have been riding a lot of the roads you mention that are nearby, and I am working on expanding. Just too cool a website!
Milpitas, California
1995 Honda VLX Deluxe

Hats off to the best motorcycle web site I have ever seen. Your Mt Palomar webpage brought back memories and tears of joy. I used to ride that area when I lived there in Southern California.
Dave Botsford
Ann Arbor, Michigan

I'm impressed! Absolutely breathtaking photos and great writing. Wow!
Steve Hunter
Brooker, Florida
Kawasaki Concours

You have a great resource. I have been on some of the roads that you describe and all I can say is YES! YOU GET IT!! You are a motorcyclist that appreciates the ride and rhe road AND has the talent to describe it on a web page - keep up the great work.
Allen Price
El Dorado Hills, CA - USA!

Wow, what a wonderful site and all that information! Must be one of the best sites I have found so far. You cover so much. I accidentally went into your site and was stuck there for 2 hours! Thanks!
Portugal, Europe

What an incredible wealth of info on your site! Thanks for taking the time to share the incredible links you've accumulated over the years. I've found more useful stuff from your pages than in the last year put together of surfing for goodies for my ride.
Issaquah, WA
2001 Kawasaki Concours

You're a godsend! I've been looking for good riding roads since I moved out here from Omaha, Nebraska. A million thanks for road listings. Hope to see you out on the roads sometimes!
San Jose, CA
V-Star Classic

I absolutely love your website. I've spent many an hour reading it. It's really one of the best on the web.
Jeff Bradford
Boston, MA, USA
1990 BMW K1

This is a fantastic site. I have sent the link to about 40 friends. I thought I had done just about all the roads in Southern California, but now I have much more to explore.
Steve Webb
Diamond Bar, CA
2000 BMW K1200LT

I found your "California Motorcycle Roads" site just last night, thanks to a link posted on the Miata forum. I have surfed around plenty and have never found a better site! Informative and well written, well laid out, links to other good sites, beautiful pictures and best of all.....useful! Thanks again for the great site, and I will be recommending it to my biker and sports car friends.
Ned Travaglini
Santa Rosa, California

Great site! I have been on a number of these roads and your reviews are right on the money. I can't wait to try some of the others. Don't imagine I'll ever get to ride as many as you have, but I can sure try!
Mark West
Hollister, CA
Moto Guzzi, California Special

I followed a link in to your web site and discovered a treasure. Thank you for providing your stories, particularly your reviews of California Motorcycle Roads. Last April I took my second-annual California spring road riding vacation, an excellent way to preview the riding season here in the Pacific Northwest. While I feel fortunate to have found some excellent roads on this trip, I am confident that I could have planned an even better route had I seen your web site before the trip. I found a high correlation between your descriptions of roads in your guide and my impression of those same roads. Thus I feel confident in heading for roads that you describe on future rides. I will use your road descriptions to plan future rides. You have done an excellent job of describing these roads and I particularly enjoy seeing your photos taken along the way. I know from experience how much trouble it is to take good photos while on a motorcycle trip and I am grateful to you for making the time to capture those photos. Thank You!
Ron Paulsen
Mt St Helens, Oregon
Yamaha YZF600

Wow! What a great site you've got here. You're writing and descriptions of each road is incredible. I was going to do a site like this myself but I don't have your writing talent nor have I ridden nearly as many roads. Keep up the great work!
Chuck Bartlett
San Jose, CA
91Honda VFR750

It was a big surprise when I came across this site. A well done job and many thanks to you. Although I have gone many of these roads in the past, the provided information is still a great source as far as a motorcycle rider is concerned. I know I will have to go to this site many times for the long waited riding days to come.
Tom Vu
San Jose, CA
95 Honda Magna & 85 Honda Sabre

This is an outstanding reference for the motorcycle touring enthusiast. The photos really enhance the stories and descriptions. My trip planning is markedly improved when I view this site during planning. Much leisure time is also spent reading the rich descriptions and studying routes that were previously unknown.
Eric Bero
Carson City, Nevada

This is, with out a doubt, the best California Road Directory there is for motorcyclists. I don't ride a sport bike but a cruiser. But who wouldn't feel 'the need' after seeing and reading about these roads.
Bob Hooks
Sacramento, Calif, US of A
2000 Honda Valkyrie

This is the BEST site I've ever seen on motorcycle related topics!
Your photography is excellent with a wealth of information.
Scott Egly
Largo, Fl. USA
2000 Kawasaki ZX9R

I just found your site today and I must say that it is one of the most enjoyable and informative motorcycle websites that I have ever seen. Excellent work!
Shawn Clark
Las Vegas, NV USA
Valkyrie / Nighthawk 750

My God !!! What an excellent site, I love the presentation of these roads.
I've been on about 75% of them and your descriptions are right on the money!
Bill Edwards
Simi Valley, CA
BMW, Ducati, Norton, Triumph

Your website is fantastic! I love the articles on your Kawasaki ZX-11 and the FJ1200. I read the "6000 miles in 8 days" book you wrote. I felt like I was there. The writing style is fantastic! It inspired me to run out to the garage and hug my bike.
Joe Kruschel
Streamwood, IL USA
99 Suzuki GSXR1300 Hayabusa

Great read! Makes me want to come back home. Your site is helping me plan my trip to the Pacific Coast this year. Thanx!
St. Paul, Minnesota
1998 Moto Guzzi V10 Centauro

Wowser! What a website! Thanks for all the input. I'll be out that way in July for the Women on Wheels rally in Redding and I'll be looking for some of these roads. Can hardly wait!
Desse Johnston
Washington, Iowa
Virago XV1100

What a FANTASTIC website!! Thank you so much for putting this together for your fellow riders!! Have printed up several rides from the California Motorcycle Roads list to share w/ my boyfriend and will embark on one or two of them this weekend. Thanks again for being so meticulous and putting together such an informative, super site!!!
San Francisco, CA
Honda Rebel

Tim, I think your Website is excellent. I hope to ship my bike out to the US later this year and take a tour across US & Canada for maybe 2-3 months. Thanks for giving me the inspiration!
Brighton, United Kingdom
Triumph Sprint 900

This is, by far, the best site I've ever seen for planning a ride! Thanks for all your hard work & your love of the road.
Las Vegas, NV
96 Harley Road King

Jeez, you've got a great website! A buddy & I are planning a long weekend trip from the San Francisco area to Tahoe & we were trying hard to figure out what the best roads would be. Then, I found your site from a link & I think we're set. Wow, you've really spent a lot of time & thought (& pix) in putting everything together. Thanks again on all the useful info.
Paul Fogel
Bay Area, CA

Great site, very detailed & will be very valuable. My husband & I just discovered your site today and are both most impressed with your "bio" and the wealth of info on road conditions too... We'll both tune in regularly for sure.
Bay Area, CA
2001 Honda Shadow Sabre VT1100

It is a pleasure to finally know who has put together such a GREAT website. I really enjoy your pages. When I was planning my last road trip, I kind of had a general idea of which direction I wanted to go. Your description of these roads really helped us plan our trip down to all the little details. I am so glad that there are people like you out there that put a web site together just for the love of Motorcycling. The credit should go where it is earned and deserved. Thanks again for putting such a good web site together.
Fariborz Rostami
Bay Area, California
Ducati 748

I have to congratulate you about your website - this is really something. All the tours, the links, the great photos. I can relate to some of them, since I've been there. And I can feel the spirit of those who have traveled the others. I sure plan to make some of those trips! Thank you for building this website, what a great resource for us blessed Californians!
Hans Klein

When I first saw your web page I was VERY impressed. You have SOOO much information on California roads! Man you have been EVERYWHERE!! You da MAN when it comes to California Motorcycle Roads! I mean anyone can ride the road, but to stop and take pictures and do a nice write up is just great!
Jimil Borillo
San Francisco, CA

Man, your site is AWESOME! I've been riding for 33 years, my first passion is sport riding and sport touring and I thought I was the only rider who knew every road in the state. Not only did your site prove me wrong, but you've been on a few even I didn't know about! You are the man, I tip my helmet to you. I have been dethroned as the guru of the California back roads. I am no longer a god in the eyes of my riding buddies. (Gee, thanks a lot!) It is heartening to discover there is another sportriding aficionado out there who actually rides more than 20 miles a week to the local hangout to pose.
Roger Purdy
San Francisco, CA