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X-Tre Powerbox by Healtech Electronics | Pashnit Moto
X-Tre Powerbox by HealTech

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X-Tre Powerbox by Healtech Electronics
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The X-TRE is designed for Japanese motorcycles originally equipped with an in-dash gear position indicator. It is an advanced Timing Retard Eliminator, which preserves the function of the OEM dash gear indicator. It is achieved by having a microchip encode/decode the communication link between the ECM and the dashboard in real time.

This feature is unique, as a traditional TRE disables the factory gear indicator. Just like the HealTech GIPRO w/ATRE, the X-TRE comes with user selectable gear maps, offering the same benefit and flexibility. But now, there is no requirement to have an external gear indicator when the bike already has one.

This module improves partial-throttle response in gears 1-4, and bypasses the speed limiter on 1000cc+ bikes. It adds as much as 12 horsepower (e.g. the B-King in 6th gear), while improving throttle response and acceleration in the lower gears.

The unit automatically turns off the mapping in Neutral for smooth idle operation. Just like the HealTech GIPRO w/ATRE, the X-TRE comes with user selectable gear maps, offering the same benefit and flexibility. But now, there is no requirement to have an external gear indicator when the bike already has one, although we understand many riders will still want the GIPRO unit for the large bright LED display.

And of course, for bikes without an OEM dash gear indicator, the GIPRO w/ATRE is still the best option available today. The X-TRE unit mounts under the fuel tank, out of sight, and works well with (or without) other electronic devices like a Power Commander or a Speedo Healer, etc.

This tiny box installs in under 30 minutes on most bikes, most often connecting through OEM plugs (only one wire maximum would ever need to be cut during installation). HealTech bundles high quality gel-sealed quick connects to make quick, simple, and reliable connections without the need for soldering.

It's like a GIPRO w/ATRE.
Only this time it's a
Smart TRE that KEEPS the
dash gear indicator functionality!

X-TRE for Suzuki at a Glance:

Preserves the function of factory Gear Position Indicator
bullet point Automatic data link configuration to support Suzuki & Kawi models
bullet point Gives smoother part-throttle response in gears 1 through 3
bullet point Removes the top speed limiter on all 1000cc+ Suzuki bikes
bullet point Automatically switches off in Neutral for smooth idle operation
bullet point 3 user selectable gear maps with button-less design
bullet point Simple installation and works out of the box
bullet point Status LED for troubleshooting
bullet point Rugged, 100% waterproof control unit
bullet point Low power consumption with Auto Stand-by
bullet point Works well with (or without) other tuning modules and electronics
bullet point Compact dimensions: 1.9 x 1.2 x 0.6 inches (50x30x17 mm)
bullet point Storage and Operational temps: -40 F to +176 F (-40 C to +80 C)

Frequently asked Questions:

1. Will both the X-TRE and SpeedoHealer work together? Power Commander?
Yes, these units will work prefectly together.

2) I have a DynoJet Power Commander III installed. Is there any reason to get an X-TRE?
Yes! The benefits are:
-The Power Commander can only re-map ONE ECM gear map. The X-TRE will compliment the Power Commander because it locks the ECM map in the unrestricted map, no matter which gear is selected.
-The Power Commander can adjust the FUEL map only, while the X-TRE disables the timing retarder used in lower gears.
-X-TRE will disable the speed limited on 1000cc+ Suzuki bikes while the Power Commander will not.

3) Do I have to remap the PCIII after installing the X-TRE?
No. The PCIII was mapped in 4th gear, where the x-TRE has no effect.

4) I've got a custom dyno tune and I'd like to get rid of my torque limiter but I don't want it to screw up my map. If I wanted to put the xtre on, I would need a new map to get it back to normal?
The Power Commander does not have gear signal input i.e. it does not have custom map for each gear. The PC just re-maps the actual ECM (ECU) map. This is why installing a GIPRO / X-TRE always improves performance. When an X-TRE is installed after doing the custom map it will improve performance in gears 1, 2, 3 and 6. If they then make a new custom map after installing X-TRE, only slight performance increase can be expected from that point. So overall, it wouldn't be worth the effort to make a new custom map after installing the X-TRE Powerbox. Basically, having the X-TRE run the 5th gear map won't affect anything a power commander would map for fuel or ignition since whatever the PC3 has mapped for 5th is what the bike will run.

5) Is the X-TRE the same exact thing as the Ivans TRE??
No. The X-TRE will let you select timing maps for 4th, 5th, and 6th gear. The Ivan's forces 5th gear only. The X-TRE also lets the ECU use the factory map for Neutral so it will idle smoother.

5) Does the X-TRE have 1N23455 mapping, or 5N55555?
X-TRE has 3 selectable maps, which work like this: 4N44444, 5N55555, 6N66666. HealTech has found that these work best for most riders. They can make other configuration (such as 1N23455) on special order, and might add it as standard feature later if there's demand.

6) Should I do anything with the unit after replacing / disconneting the battery?

7) What exactly does the X-TRE Power Box do for you and how?

The REASON why the X-TRE works exceptionlly well on some models is because of the detuning at lower gears and 0-50% throttle position on the Busa, B-King, and GSXR1000. What's important to understand is HealTech is not claiming PEAK horsepower, they're talking about giving riders more power across the RPM range in gears 1-2-3 which is what they will mostly use to accelerate quickly, so it's "power where it counts".

And then of course having the top speed limiter removed is a big bonus. While X-TRE has the most effect on 1000cc+ bikes, dyno results on the 600/750 models were equally positive. The power gain is up to 3 HP on the 600 and near 5 HP on the 750 in 1st gear. EQUALLY important is that in 1st gear, the GSXR750 makes +8 to +12 ft/lb of torque through almost the ENTIRE powerband, and the GSXR600 makes +3 ft/lb of torque through much of its powerband. So not only does the bike make more power, but your first gear "oomph" really increases! Basically, the X-TRE is a huge boost to your holeshot!

The manufacuture of the X-TRE, HealTech, gave a test unit to the staff of SuperBike mag in Hungary. They took their longterm test bike, a '08 GSX-R750 to a race circuit and they were absolutely amazed by the improvement in 1-3 gears. There is no other performance modification available with such exceptional value (performance for price) as the X-TRE. And, the best thing is, it works equally well on stock bikes as a bike loaded with other modifications. The dyno charts show full throttle response but X-TRE makes power delivery smoother as well.

Dyno Runs: With and Without the X-TRE

Click on the charts below to see all three dyno runs.
The charts shw full throttle response, however, the X-TRE also improves part-throttle response.
The runs were done on a dynojet 250i model (the most reliable and consistent dyno today).
Dyno Runs conducted on 2008 Hayabusa with X-TRE installed.

Suzuki Hayabusa 2008 (2nd gear, +9hp, +13 N-m torque):

Suzuki B-King 2008 (2nd Gear, +15hp, +15 N-m torque):

Suzuki GSXR750 2008 (1st Gear, +5hp, +4 N-m torque):

Suzuki GSXR1000 2009 (2nd gear, +16hp, +10 N-m torque):

Suzuki GSXR600 2006 (1st Gear, +3hp, +1.5 N-m torque):

Kawasaki ZX6R 2007 (5th Gear, +2hp, +1.2 N-m torque)

The X-TRE disables the top speed limiter

The X-TRE disables the factory top speed limiter on Suzuki bikes, allowing a theoretical top speed of 195 for the Hayabusa AND for the B-King (which is normally restricted to 155mph).

Suzuki Hayabusa:

Suzuki B-King:

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