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Helite Motorcycle Airbag Vest - Airnest Hi-Vis Yellow
Helite Airnest Vest

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Helite Air Technology

Airnest Vest in Hi-Vis

Helite Airnest / Hi-Vis Airbag Vest: Integrated CE approved Knox back protector. Includes CO2 cartridge & one tether for one motorcycle- Ready to wear.

Used by motorcyclists, equestrian, skiing, light aircraft & more Over 60,000 units sold worldwide

Designed using motorcycle crash data collected by University of Florence (Italy & extensive laboratory anaysis.

Simple & easy use just put on vest over your normal riding gear & connect quick-disconnect cord to bike.

Airbag vests deployes in less than .1 milliseconds if the rider is separated from the motorcycle during an accident protecting your core & neck.

Built in Knox level 2 CE approved Back Protector provides an extra layer of abrasion protection.

A lanyard attaches the vest securely to the motorcycle, and when the rider becomes disconnected from the bike, the lanyard triggers a piston that pierces a CO2 cartridge which inflates the vest in as little as one-tenth of a second.

Available in All-Black or High-Visibility Yellow.

Ships with CO2 cartridge installed and ready to use.

65 lbs of quick and sudden force required (watch videos) to release the CO2. This prevents accidental inflation in case you forget to disconnect and walk away from the bike still attached.

Easily replaced CO2 cartridge- use included hex key to unscrew plug at bottom of the CO2 receiver.

Highly Adjustable, Ventilated Design
Immediate Inflation for Optimal Protection Inflates Inward to Cocoon & Protect the Body
Generously Cut Armholes for Freedom of Motion
Slow, Automatically Initiated Deflation
Easy to Use, Replaceable Cartridges

How it Works:

In the event of an accident, the airbag deploys utilizing a 100% mechanical trigger. This results in maximum reliability with no maintenance. Upon activation, a spring loaded piston pierces the C02 cartridge and rapidly inflates the airbag around the neck and body.

The air chambers are designed to stabilize the neck, spine and torso and reduce the force of impacts to vital organs. After deployment the system can be reloaded with a fresh C02 cartridge and be ready to protect the rider again.

The Helite system has been tested by independent labs, universities and certification authorities and has consistently emerged as the best performing personal airbag available. With deployment times under 100ms, Helite protects quicker than any other mechanically triggered airbag.


"Good news and bad- I ditched the bike and slid after clipping a car at 40MPH and triggered the jacket- which worked perfectly and I got up and shifted the wreckage myself! Not a mark on my upper body (leg got a bang but nothing broken). No stiff neck, helmet was held perfectly even though I tumbled a bit.

10 out of 10- the bystanders and police who responded couldn't believe it. (We needed the police cos I ride a GS and it killed the car which blocked the road). The vest has a little abrasion damage to the cartridge cover flap but otherwise looks fine. " PH, Manchester

"Last Christmas my caring wife bought me an inflatable motorcycle jacket for added protection. The cool thing is the vest fits over a normal motorcycle jacket and is virtually unnoticeable except for the lanyard that attaches to the motorcycle. I am an ex motocross racer who was forced to retire after I ripped my knee apart. However I started riding motorcycles again 8 years ago and have loved my daily commute to work and weekend rides with friends. It didn't take long to put my newest accessory to the test.

Whilst commuting to work one morning a car made an illegal u-turn right in front of me, before I knew what was happening I was lying on the floor after being body slammed into the car in question. I looked down and noticed that my inflatable jacket had deployed as designed and I had minimal injuries of which I should have had several broken ribs and severe whiplash, I sustained a damaged shoulder and medium case of whiplash. I know it is an expensive bit of kit but it was worth every penny and I can't recommend it highly enough, just a pity my bike wasn't wearing one as it was a write off! Regards" JW, London

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