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Phone Mounting Guide

Mounting a phone on a motorcycle doesn’t have to be complicated. (In fact, it’s less complicated than learning how to USE some of these new phones!)

  • You get everything you need. Other products require you to adapt the mount, or purchase an additional piece (like a "cradle") that will attach to their hardware.
  • Leader mounts are NOT made of cheapie plastic molded in Taiwan or China. All base parts are machined aluminum, then chrome plated or anodized a rich black - all by American craftspeople. They simply look amazing!
  • They are extremely easy to mount. We live by the KISS method, and our products do too. Keep it Simple, Stupid!
  • eCaddy mounts are easy to remove when not in use - no special tools required. Simply remove the Ultra-Security screw (with a hex allen wrench) and slide the device out of the base bracket.
  • Parts are interchangable. That's important in the fast-changing world of smart phones. When you change/upgrade to a new phone, there's a very good chance you won't have to purchase a whole new mount!

Below you will find helpful tips and things you should think about when considering a motorcycle phone mount.

STEP 1: Planning

It’s a good idea to decide what functions of the phone you are most likely to use when riding. This can help you narrow down your mounting preferences.
  • Do you use the phone to see who is calling? Or do you wait until you’ve stopped to check?
  • Do you play music via your phone?
  • Do you want to be able to take pictures with your phone as you ride?
  • Do you use a GPS (navigation) feature on your phone?
How often do you need to touch the phone’s screen? If you need to touch it often, you’ll want to make sure whatever mount you use makes it easy (and safe) to do so.

Do you prefer to mount your phone in the ‘typical’ vertical fashion? Or is it easier for you to view features (such as GPS) in a horizontal position? Will you need to be able to change it from vertical to horizontal depending on how you’re using it that day? Would you like to be able to tilt or turn your phone if you get sun glare?

STEP 2: Where to Mount

There are quite a few options these days:
  • Handlebar Mounts: this is the most flexible option, because you can position a round-bar clamp anywhere along the entire length of the handlebar. You also have more options, ranging from plastic to stainless steel to ours, which is aluminum (then chrome plated or anodized black). In our experience with phone mounts, you get what you pay for. So if your phone is important to you, our recommendation is: don’t skimp! (see sidebar)

  • Windshield mounts: this option usually involves a suction cup of some sort. First drawback: suction cup mounts do not provide as many angles as you might want. But in my mind, an even bigger drawback is the potential for the suction to become loose and disengage with all that road vibration...goodbye, phone! For that matter, vibration may make the phone difficult to read.

  • Tank mounts: We all know about tank BAGS, so I won’t spend any time on this except to note that it is an option (although usually you cannot see your phone while riding). Tank mounts can utilize suction cups, as well (you already know how we feel about those!). There are also phone holders with strong magnets sewn in that you can slap on your tank (drawback: potential scratching of your tank).

  • Switch housing/reservoir mounts: This type of mount utilizes the two bolts that hold your brake reservoir and/or your clutch reservoir. It is popular on Harley-Davidson and Goldwing motorcycles, and can be used on many of the metric motorcycle reservoirs as well. This is a great option for bikes with very little handlebar space available. Just keep in mind that this puts the phone pretty far away from your eyeballs. Having a tilt/swivel capability (so you can aim that small phone screen at your eyes) can become very important. (see sidebar)

STEP 3: Pick your "Gripper"!

Just like you need a holster or case to carry your phone on your body, you need something that "holds" (aka "grips") the phone, which can be attached to the motorcycle. This is important, since it can be a "weak point" and cause your phone to fall from your bike.

In an ideal world, there would be a cradle specifically formed to your exact phone, with all the cut-outs for every plug and connector taken into consideration. But the reality is, none of us aftermarket folks can afford to make a cradle for every phone - after all, it takes time and money, and these phones are changing every other week!

The next best thing is a "universal" cradle/holder for your phone.

There are a number of "universal" cradles - and we've tested many of them. Unfortunately, most are not made with the vibration of a motorcycle on today's road surfaces in mind, and just won't hold up more than a season or two.

But we found one that does. We call it the eCaddy Deluxe Universal Cradle. It has padded arms that ratchet in and tightly squeeze the phone (you can even keep your protective cover). It has a soft no-slip foam pad on the surface, and movable feet. You can also add the UltraTilt option.

Apple iPhone: Because of the popularity of the Apple iPhone, you can get a form-fitted cradle that you snap your phone into. The cradle attaches to our eCaddy Diamond hardware for a slim, streamlined look. However, if you have a case/cover for your iPhone that you refuse to part with when riding, then this option will not work for you (then it's back to the "universal" options for you!).

Waterproof Phone Options

Nothing will put a damper on your day like your phone getting soaked and damaged by rain water. There are ways to protect your phone:
  • Cases such as the Otterbox are nice for both water and shock absorption (for you who are prone to dropping your phone). Some of the Otterbox cases (Defender Series in particular) have built-in belt clips that can be attached to a mount. If you have something like this, it can be clipped to the eCaddy Ultra.

  • More "boxy" options like AquaBox or Arkon's waterproof case. The drawbacks? They add a lot of bulk, and you usually can't use a touch screen through the cover. You'll also need to find the proper way to connect them to your motorcycle.

  • Ultra Buddy pouch: What could be easier than slipping your phone into a flat waterproof pouch with a clear cover that lets you operate a touch screen with no problem? Our eCaddy Ultra even has our popular Ultra-swivel feature. ( See more details here.)

Power Considerations

Today's post discusses various ways you can power your phone when mounted on your motorcycle.

The first is obvious: running it from its own power. But have you ever wondered if your phone would run out of power just when you need it most? If you've been searching for a way to avoid this, read on!

Battery Harness (Wired)

This method ensures you'll never lose power - but only as long as the motorcycle has power! The drawback is that - yes - you have to run wires. It's actually not complicated (even I can do it and that's saying a lot) if you use a simple battery harness kit.

The battery harness kits we carry have a plug on one end (more about that in a moment), 48 inches of wire (enough for ANY application), and the battery connectors (plus/minus or red/black) on the other end. These battery harness kits include a regulator built right into the wire, because you can't have full volts coming from your battery unless you want to blow out your phone!

Now a note about the "plug" end. There are several common connectors. I much prefer the clean, streamlined look of the battery harness for "micro" USB or "mini" USB. All you need to know is which connector your phone has.

No-Wire Solar Power

There's another option if you're the type of person who hates wiring (like me) or you just don't want those wires showing: The Ultra-SOL USB Charger/Solar Panel.

This kit includes a rugged mini solar panel that collects and stores power from the sun (or electrical outlet, vehicle or computer), then transfers it to electronic devices as needed. It can be mounted right on your handlebar, switch housing or reservoir, so you can position it close to your phone. It accommodates all standard electronic plug types.

Motorcycle Phone Mount: Which is Right for YOU?

eCaddy Deluxe Universal Phone Mount

The Universal Cradle has padded locking side clamps that close tightly on your phone. On the back of the cradle is the 4-hole "AMPS" pattern, which attaches to the eCaddy Deluxe plate.

You may choose to add the UltraTilt, which will allow you to angle the phone to your desires. To see a video of the UltraTilt alone, click here.

See all Universal Phone Mounts.

eCaddy Ultra Waterproof Phone Mount

If protecting your phone from rain is important to you, the eCaddy Ultra is the best choice.

The Ultra-Swivel gives the rider unlimited positioning ability in three ways so you'll never have trouble seeing your phone. Yet it's so slender you'll hardly know it's there. (It also means you can mount vertically or horizontally to accommodate functions like GPS/navigation.)

The Ultra Buddy waterproof cover (3-3/8" x 5-1/4") has a clear vinyl front that keeps your phone dry but also allows you to use the touchscreen. Simply slide your phone in and close the velcro flap (wires can be run out the edge if desired).

The Ultra Plate is what holds everything together. It contains four holes that "mate" to the back of the Ultra Buddy waterproof cover, ensuring that the phone will never come loose from the mount. The other side connects to the Ultra-Swivel.

See all Ultra Phone Mounts.

Where to Mount?

Motorcycle Phone Mount for Harley Davidson

On a Harley, you have two mounting options:
  1. On the Harley switch housing (also referred to as controls or reservoir). Ideal for larger dressers with limited handlebar space or cabling. Mounts on EITHER left or right side controls.
  2. You can mount on the round handlebar itself. See the section (below) on Metric Cruisers for details.
See Harley Davidson Phone mounts.

Motorcycle Phone Mount for Gold Wing

Our Gold Wing mounts attach to the two bolts on the switch housing (also referred to as controls or reservoir). Mounts on EITHER left or ride side. See Gold Wing Phone Mounts.

Motorcycle Phone Mount for BMW

On a BMW, you have two mounting options:
  1. Our BMW bracket fits BMW reservoirs with 1-1/4" spacing and can be mounted on either left or right IF you have the space. See BMW Phone mounts.
  2. If you have round handlebars, you can mount on the bar itself. See the section (below) on Metric Cruisers for details.

Motorcycle Pone Mount for Yamaha, Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Victory and others

We offer round-bar mounts from 1" diameter to 1.25" diameter and in either chrome or black finish. The round-bar bracket can be placed literally anywhere (horizontal or vertical). See all round-bar Phone mounts.
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